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The newest machinery on the market performs steel processing, for straightening and cutting diameter according to parameters, and is suitable for directing and cutting wire
or cold steel bars drawn in the factory of prefabricated components, bar processing steel and distribution factories and construction site.


Each steel structure consists of parts that are pre-processed in the workshop. On the construction site they are only mounted to the structure by means of screws or welding. Steel constructions are carried out in the workshops, but not in construction sites due to the ever increasing demands on quality and carrying capacity. Appropriate temperature, humidity, protection from atmospheric impacts, good working conditions for workers and the possibility of quality control.


Curved and almost ready, the armature those even goes into the iron lab inside the factory is unloaded at the construction sites. Technology and human abilities have come together to give life to iron by creating compositions that make buildings better than any other art form. These compositions are forms of art where the human soul meets the iron element, bending, composing, striking, welding until it gives life to a complete and harmonious work.


Holders are of industrial character, mainly used as interior coverings for retaining walls of reinforced concrete buildings, and less frequently for buildings with steel structures. The biggest advantage is that they are self-supporting and do not require a separate secondary support system. They offer aesthetically pleasing, polished interior surfaces, ideal for interior storage of warehouses, production facilities, commercial buildings.


Armatek company deals with the processing of armature-bending and ripping of different diameters. Manufacture of pilots and other products according to European standards.
Every order of armor arrives accurately and in an optimal time to the customer!
Since its foundation, Armatek has brought the most advanced machines and technologies in this field from the world’s most renowned manufacturers of this technology, and continues to bring new machines every year in order to advance its products and offer in the domestic and domestic markets. international.


Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience in wire processing, including long-term customer relationships.
Receiving the best experiences from the most developed countries and the latest technological advances in the field of construction, and looking at the demands and needs of the construction sector in Kosovo, Armatek has brought the latest technology and the most advanced experiences to this field.


Armatek has the capacity to process 100 tons of armor per day, and this enables our customers, in addition to the quality that they receive from very sophisticated and sophisticated machines, we also offer speed and on-site delivery, this helps in acceleration of the construction process, as the armature is almost curved and it is easy to install.


The main activity of the company is wholesale and retail trade of steel items – construction fittings; bearings, nets, stainless steel pipes in various shapes and sizes, welding electrodes of the highest quality, and other wire products.