Armatek Enterprise located in Gjakova is a continuation of a family business and the legal successor of FER PLAST Company, which was founded in 1984 by Isa Kameri Ecc . Dip . from Gjakova.

Isa Kameri had long experience in the field of management, wire processing, production of welded mesh and other wire products. Earlier he had performed tasks with specific responsibilities as Commercial Director at Factory vessels in Gjakova (1978-1980) and as Director General of the factory for processing and welding wire armatures networks in Decani (1981-1995) , which was the metal part of the Industry “Metaliku" located in Gjakova , who was the leader in wire processing not only in Kosovo but also in the former Yugoslavia .

Isa Kameri is well known as an innovator of various machines for wire processing, this tradition is also continued by his sons, Labinot Kameri and Besfort Kamerion on both companies Rroni Fer and Armatek.